“Valentine” is one of the greatestest, beautiful and awesome tracks by “Never Jay” to all the audience out there. This is a huge song. Right from the offset, the bass-line and beat of the track have an infectious level of energy. Almost immediately you’re introduced to the leading vocal as well, the character of that performance comes through alongside the flawless and unique approach to melodic expression. All the while, the mix has been beautifully polished so as to allow that heavy and somewhat awesome soundscape and rhythm to really overwhelm you.

This is a wonderful release from Never Jay, bringing back that musically varied sound. The emotion that comes through in the words is magnified by that which can be heard and felt via the leading vocal performance. The structure of the song is cleverly utilized as mentioned, but without authenticity, without detectable realness, the concept could go unnoticed. Fortunately, this is far from the case here.

Structurally the songwriter has done exactly as is necessary in order to draw you in and keep your attention throughout. The opening few moments are gentle, subtle, introducing the story line with delicacy and plenty of space. Then as things progress, the soundscape explodes, not through additional instrumentation, just through genuine passion and unwavering vocal ability. 

The song’s hook is important as it offers a peacefully melodic moment that again provides contrast and further appeal within the track. It’s a strong hook, not overly flashy or loud but simple and effective, meeting the mood and the concept of the song in a blissful way. The artist’s voice is the final factor to make this something special. There’s a definite sense of identity there, a certain tone and performance style that comes through as fresh and exciting. It’s also a pleasure to listen to a voice with just a few simple effects added to enhance the distance and thoughtfulness of the song, rather than to fit in with some industry standard or expectation. The track is free from influence, beautifully written, and flawlessly performed. Definitely an artist to look out for.

The professionalism is on point, and so is the creativity. Quite often artists or producers will have one or the other of these in place – or if it’s both, sometimes the result is a little more alternative or experimental sounding. In this case, there is definitely some experimentation to the soundscape, but the melody, the concept, and the overall layout of the track work in favor of this being an effective and compelling listening experience. And on top of all of this, that leading vocal just oozes effortless style and confidence – the tone and performance style are completely original and refreshing to listen to. Listen loud.

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