Throughout Lansingburgh’s colorful new track NEUROTIC, smooth and traditional dance vibes combine with a highly smooth, Rap-kissed vocal line, a hip hop edge of restlessness and confidence, and a giant hook.

Lansingburgh is a Troy, New York-based musician/producer. His mother and father gave birth to him in January 2006. His father said that when he was born, he would accomplish great things. Lansingburgh has Italian and German ancestors.

 Lansingburgh took his name from the neighborhood in his hometown where he grew up; he chose this name because it was unusual and no one else had anything like it. 

When he was in seventh grade, he began making music. “I’ve always had an interest in producing things, and I love music, so I combined the two,” he says. Soon after, he began writing and recording songs. Lans draws much inspiration from artists such as XXXTENTACION, Juice Wrld, JOJI, and many others. 

He began making music because it allows him to express his emotions so that others can understand and relate to them. He’ll be releasing a lot more music shortly, but this is only the beginning.

Great bass work and attractive story-telling keep you enthralled throughout an appropriately intoxicating. NEUROTIC is a soulful highlight with a strong groove and a contrasting, distinctly gritty underlying message that is addictively bassy, lyrical, and current.

The hook has a cinematic feel to it. The vocals are stunning, expressive, and passionate as they wander over this lengthy melody, which, incidentally, contrasts with the verses’ shorter, more rhythmic lines.

The narrative, performances, and production all have timeless elements, and this all feels incredibly refreshing right now. Good songwriting, excellently, with a technical realism that helps it all come together.

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