J French, an Oklahoma City-based rapper, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, tosses up his latest tune, “Narcissist,” with an R & B-influenced vocal style and lyrical flow. A reasonably engaging aura develops from the start, backed only by a well iconic yet straightforward hip-hop beat.

J French, a rapper, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Oklahoma City, has completed what appears to be a lifetime’s worth of music industry experience. Since crafting his first rhyme to Devin The Dude’s “Don’t Wait” at the age of 12, he has created his own publishing company and collaborated with various rappers in the Oklahoma-Texas and Los Angeles scenes, including RC & The Gritz, Erykah Badu’s official band, and members of TDE. Despite everything, J French remains as cool as a cucumber. He rigorously sticks to a self-imposed necessity to create music from the soul. “I’m determined to be heard,” French says.

While everything is soft and mild, there is a strong feeling of rhythm throughout. The musician has an uncanny ability to make his rap sound melodic even when it isn’t.

Those verse lines begin with enticing notes and appear to drop lower at the end of each phrase. The sound has personality, and the vocal performance is precisely a performance.

Nor mimicking anyone else, not simply going through lyrics — the entire affair is a never-ending source of enjoyment.

This release’s success is due in large part to the vocal tone. J French’s voice is expressive and full of personality, not to mention naturally and effortlessly confident enough to win you over from a distance.

It is challenging to create a tune that appears to evolve and constantly alter, with diverse sections at work, without relying on too many musical shifts or drops.

J French constructs a full tale and series of scenes around his audience, relying solely on his own voice for the most part.

J French’s “Narcissist” is a simple tune to get into, but it’s well worth returning later – a second and third hearing lets it all sink in.

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