1Syde, a 27-year-old rap artist from Los Angeles who is presently working in Honduras, has re-entered the hip hop world with “Myself,” a distinctive piece of instantly recognizable music.

1Syde is a musician who enjoys writing music and has a great awareness of the importance of creating an atmosphere and a moment with his releases, both musically and vocally. It takes only a few seconds for “Myself” to bring precisely that type of creative expression, gradually enveloping its listeners in a soundscape that is at once current and invigorating.

At almost three minutes long, “Myself” packs a wallop in terms of production quality, with a synth drum kit and enough reverb and delay to sink a battleship in its vocals. This piece is both uplifting and comforting at the same time.

The structural decisions that emerge later on – stops and breaks, periods of intensity, quick eruptions that make sure to re-capture any wandering attention – are more impressive. 

1Syde is a hip-hop/rap artist who mixes together current styles with some that lean toward the more creative and original. His voice has a distinct personality, which becomes more apparent as you listen to more of his current work.

Additionally, 1Syde’s voice is full of personality, with a laid-back style of delivery and lyrics that all point to an apparent love for performance. His bars are geared to entertain.

From a musical standpoint, this tune is fast to make an impression, sounding partially jazz-café-like while also featuring an intermittently powerful beat that impacts with force.

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