Poor’s Gray’s most recent release, which has crossed our path, finds the band ascending higher up the artistic and professional ladder. “Myrrh” deals with some of what the title implies. On the other hand, the theme keeps things new, and it continuously delivers with this classic Grunge set-up and the identifiable yet always-surprising tenor of that leading vocal tone.

Poor’s Gray is an experimental music ensemble established and led by Roberto Furla, with Bruno Wilk on drums. Poor’s Gray presents a combination of incredible inspirations ranging from traditional “progressive rock” to “New Wave,” “Punk Rock,” and the “Grunge” Scene.
“Myrrh” opens with a simple but pleasing retro riff twisted with live drums and the recognizable delivery of a modest, live-style singer. Before the rise and contrasting brightness of the chorus – an emotional moment, a definite highlight that raises the bar for the entire composition – the verses have simplicity as well.

The Record introduces the band Poor’s Gray in a decidedly intriguing and honest way, using a decidedly personal, thoughtful writing approach for the verses. With a marvelously sympathetic, familiar hook – melodically gratifying and recognized for its spin on a classic phrase – the finished track successfully rides the line between intensely intimate and broadly accessible while still ticking a few of those catchy and immersive boxes.

Complexity emerges with pile-driving strength to root the music to the floor. The band switches seamlessly between Grunge and Progressive Rock of full-on rhythms, providing “Myrrh” a fascinating, adrenaline-soaked listen.



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