Not merely an artist, RaShaun & Dre Lamonte are an entity of higher spiritual intelligence. Keeping this in consideration as you listen, their music appears before you as all the more other-worldly – an experience, rather than something simply for the ears to revel in.

The title of this release alone is enough to open the mind or at the very least overwhelm it enough to provoke curiosity. As the piece begins to play, there’s a hypnotic and rhythmic outpouring of sound and notes that prove to be the familiar threads holding it all together. To break it down to the building blocks that made it though, is to realize quite how unexpected or uncommon each sound and synth actually is.

The musical backdrop accompanies the mood of the story and the effect it’s had on the artist in a pretty unshakable way. There’s something reflective and mildly haunting about it all, but there’s also a definite sense of confidence to the performance, and a feeling that things are getting better – that difficulty leads to greater strength, maybe. The intimate recording style adds to the inherent personal touch, the truth, the realness. You’re right there in the room with them as they present this harrowing series of events. The rhymes and the consistency in the flow appear more and more impressive as you make your way through the track, and as the details of the story pile up. There’s undeniably something very unique about the artist and this particular song, this backstory. It’s pretty compelling to witness.

My Service RMX is an awesome track, the confidence on the single is unquestionable, and the rhythm and riffs highlighted throughout represent and underline that with strength. RaShaun & Dre Lamonte offers an entrancing melody line, an uplifting soundscape, and something you can listen to to get you hyped and ready to take action. A single listen is more than enough to get this track running through your mind for the rest of the day. The rap, the click, the space, the vocal tone, the lyrics, and as mentioned – that hook. Everything about it works in the way that any alternative rap track should in order to provide that inescapable, hypnotic ear-worm that keeps an audience coming back. The finish is crisp and satisfying and the song leaves its mark in a solid way.

There’s very little to compare this to right now, but I’d go as far as to say this music can have a profound and awakening effect on its audience, if they let it. There’s something mildly addictive about the way it makes you feel. It’s beautifully haunting, dark yet comforting – the perfect fusion of elements to intrigue and entertain a busy, modern-day mind.

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