Smoke 1 gives a take on contemporary hip hop that is influenced by a variety of elements. The starting riff, for example, offers a distinct vibe despite the calm and welcoming atmosphere. The accompanying beat, in comparison, has a much more typical rap vibe — which works great.

Smoke 1 is a multi-talented artist from Mason, Tennessee, attempting to make his dreams a reality. He is well-known in the hip-hop community for having a powerful voice. “My Niggaz” is his most recent single, which was released in conjunction with MLB Tony Redd & Militia.

My Niggaz is beautifully produced, with the vocal benefiting from a rich mix of wet and dry impulses, allowing you to focus mostly on lyrics. Smoke 1, MLB Tony Redd, and Militia collaborate on some masterfully sung unison vocals. That enticingly spans an octave and leads us irresistibly toward an ambient ending. It comes upon us far too quickly, concluding very forcefully to make us press the repeat button.

The beat on this track wraps you in a captivating web of simple riffs and a general feeling. Smoke 1’s vocal work perfectly complements this; the hook at the opening and the first verse aim to captivate dramatically. 

You hardly know what’s coming, but the rhythm is mellow at first and continues to evolve and remain creatively free at every point after that.

The Smoke 1 style has a classic depth and intellect that has been lacking in many of the world’s current hip-hop productions. This tune has a more serious tone and a growing passion that keeps your focus. 

The capacity of Smoke 1 to generate ideas and stories in an innovative, artistic, and rhythmic manner is always astounding. Simultaneously, he pours his heart and spirit into his presentations, which adds far more value.

The song has been meticulously crafted; it keeps the atmosphere consistent while also keeping things lively and advancing in accordance with the underlying sentiment. Smoke 1 will hopefully continue to release new music and march to his own rhythm in the coming months and years.

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