“Dru Sakkler” is a rapper, designer, and amazing artist, putting out track after track online – working hard at the craft and always pushing his own boundaries creatively. Musket” is one of his latest releases. The track is incredibly unique, showcasing from the offset an artist with a creatively free and expressive approach to making music. The opening vocals lay out a certain vibe, perhaps purely quirky or characterful, but the instrumentation that follows adds a partly retro partly modern minimalist rhythm and ambiance, and slowly but surely the whole thing starts to brighten up..

“Dru Sakkler” has style of his own right now, this single alone showcases a stylish progression from the rapped verses to the melodic hook. There’s a sense of carefree confidence about it all, particularly the second verse – and this is where things get really impressive and interesting, the ideas provoke unexpected levels of deep thought. The flow and the lyrics during this latter half meet the increasing energy and brightness of the track perfectly well. The whole thing becomes more and more entrancing as it evolves and as the concept is painted a little more clearly.

Almost a minute passes by before the rap vocal even kicks in on this track. You make it to that point with ease though, because the ambiance, the multiple layers of brightness and color, brings something smooth and energizing to the room. Then come the lyrics, the likes of which grow stronger and connect more deeply with each new listen. 

The song’s underlying concept is commendable – it’s inspiring, there are certain lines that meet the optimistic beauty of the music in a near-perfect way. At the same time, Dru Sakkler throws plenty of personality into the mix – the story is his, the experience is unique and intimate, but the way he has presented it lets it be widely accessible; something that any listener can attach their own feelings and experiences to as it plays out for them. .

“Dru Sakkler” holds nothing back when he raps, but rather than this meaning you get some unedited, unapologetic outpouring – the likes of which sometimes lean in the direction of shouting or even screaming to draw an audience – in this case, it means that you hear him for who he is. You hear that confidence and that depth, and you naturally pick up on the talent and dedication that runs throughout his writing.

The sound of Dru Sakkler’s voice has a refreshing and quite calming, perhaps nostalgic tone and feel to it. His flow fits the vibe of this backing track perfectly, so much so that the music and the leading voice walk hand in hand throughout the experience – as opposed to the voice merely sitting on top of something unrelated or disconnected.

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