Embodying the spirit of cross-cultural fusion, Mirnaz, the Detroit-based artist, creates a lyrical sanctuary with her latest single, ‘Eyes On You,’ now available on YouTube. The track elegantly interweaves influences from Arabic pop, French dance, and Dutch house into a striking pop melody, characteristic of Mirnaz’s diversified musical persona.

‘Eyes On You’ is a magnetic testament to Mirnaz’s talent, exemplifying her ability to weave diverse musical influences into a harmonious tapestry of sound. The song, deeply rooted in her multicultural experiences, paints a richly layered portrait of global harmony.

Embark on a journey with ‘Eyes On You’ that transcends boundaries and genres, as Mirnaz continues to break stereotypes, merging intelligence with artistry. ‘Eyes On You’ represents a new wave of global music, redefining the landscape of pop music.

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