NightGod, a Sacramento-based electronic musician, has created a powerful piece of electronic music with Deep house vibes of mesmerizing and extreme beginnings tied throughout this euphoric and inventive newly released video, the opening track “Moonrise,” from the album Apparition, created by Jace Witman. So far, he’s directed all of NightGod’s music videos.

“Moonrise” meanders through a three-minute fifty-two lifespan with a distinctive identity and a captivating warmth at the same time, stylishly blending parts of the nostalgic atmosphere as well as an unmistakable edge of now in the grit and clarity of the mix. 

That is to say, the tune includes easily recognizable riffs, qualities, and details – but above all, it gives a delightful burst of escapism that swiftly amplifies and prompts a loud increase.

“Moonrise” is a relentlessly fascinating, high-octane electronic house track – one that carves out its own route in modern music by combining careful and quickly innovative details. It is far from an introduction to the artist, but it is a massive elevation of the name anyway.

“Moonrise” is a beautiful example of outstanding music production and composition joined beneath the creative blanket of modern audio play. It is addictively melodious, impossible to compare, and amazingly absorbing when played at volume.

NightGod is a producer worth stopping for on a regular basis because he creates from a position of passion first and foremost, and he tastefully combines this approach with perfect ability at the digital desk. The outcome is a consistent sense of creativity and audience connection, and “Moonrise” is a prime example of this.

Artistry and professionalism come together to create a powerful explosion of musicality. Getting through the rest of the NightGod catalog is something I’m looking forward to doing.

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