Gus Reeves and B.A. Bellec, from North America, takes the art of scene-setting and story-telling to intriguing new heights with their electrifying contemporary indie-rock single, “Monster,” which is out now.

B.A wrote this song. Bellec serves as a link between his two initiatives. Bellec’s award-winning debut novel, Someone’s Story, was accompanied by a Folk EP. All of the songs on Someone’s Story were co-produced by Reeves and Bellec. Another EP has been released for Bellec’s second novel, Pulse, which will be released on December 1, 2021. This time, an electronic sound was used to match the narrative. Here’s a sample of one of the Pulse songs:

While working on Pulse, Bellec penned the Monster lyrics. This song is not from the Pulse EP but rather a stand-alone that shares more similarities with the Someone’s Story EP. This song is distinct because all of the Someone’s Story songs were written from the perspective of a character in the novel. Monster is not based on a character from Bellec’s works but rather on the author’s feelings after completing his job. When Bellec finished writing the lyrics, he knew exactly who he wanted to sing the song with, and he didn’t hesitate to contact Gus.

Beginning with a bright and optimistic musical mood that is organic in nature and attractive for its optimism as well as live sound, “Monster” eventually transitions into a surprisingly delicate, up-front voice and a straightforward, reassuring melody that is unexpectedly soothing. Here, we gain a feeling of direction — reflective writing that ponders themes to encourage the listener to do the same.

A mellow groove is established right away by acoustic guitar, bass, and drums, and that breathy leading voice provides a reassuring, short-lined melody and a sequence of words that are both interesting and very human throughout.

The hook is simple but addicting, and it brings the song to a forceful conclusion. “Monster” by Gus Reeves and B.A. Bellec keeps us coming back for more thanks to the intriguing concept. Each time we hear it, we become more familiar with the music and become more invested in it.

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