TeenieBit combines delicacy and weight in an addictive and unique form for the aptly titled “Money Time,” beautifully merging the clarity and melodic embrace of a swiftly invigorating, summertime reggae atmosphere and an exuberant dancehall beat.

With a reggae groove in the foreground and a hit of uplifting and refreshing lyrics that effectively keeps things fresh and engaging, the track is addictive and catchy in a dancehall fashion, resolves to a satisfying degree, and never fails to impress with that incredibly sincere vocal delivery.

All of these elements, including the familiar comfort of reggae rhythms, organic musicianship, and stunningly joyous voices woven together in a melodic progression, serve to present the single in a rapidly enjoyable manner. In addition, excellent production allows the natural strength of the music to shine brilliantly when played at high volumes.

The music, which fuses personality with elegant, engaging production, is both uplifting and laid-back — intimate and relevant to everyone, dreamlike and well-suited to those late-night moments.

In this song, there’s a strong marriage of those commercial views with a kind of girl-next-door level of enthusiasm. The whole thing, though, is musically impeccable, and it is nearly hard to dislike it – particularly as that hook comes into view. 

The title lyric evokes a lingering, unresolved sensation of exhilaration, and TeenieBit’s delivery contributes to this by encouraging listeners to lose themselves in the moment and join in for a great feel.

The combination of the beat and the ambiance works well here. That chord progression and the movement of the track are straightforward, but it results in something that is vaguely familiar and, hence, energizing.

A confident tone complements this while maintaining a natural and flawless presentation for the lead vocal. There’s an aura of authenticity about everything that you like about the words and the manner in which they’re delivered.

Moreover, it is musically fascinating as well as subliminally inspirational. While the approach is delicate, there is strength in it, and the piece as a whole is superbly composed, performed, and recorded. A couple of spins on this one this season will be well worth your time!

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