Teeniebit, an emerging reggae icon, singer-songwriter, and composer from California, is back on the scene with “Money Time,” an exciting and hard-hitting piece of Dancehall-influenced reggae music. It expertly marries current music’s clarity and melodic embrace with a swiftly stimulating summary reggae atmosphere and a powerful dance beat. 

From a simple reggae setup to smooth melodic beginnings, the vigor of the voice and melodies, an ever-immersive tempo, and a beautifully constructed, colorful environment, the track works hard yet uses simplicity. These characteristics work well together to entice listeners and keep their attention throughout.

Rather than overwhelming listeners with the vibrancy and excessive bounce that may be found elsewhere in dancehall, this single maintains a modest amount of genuineness throughout the track. Even the songwriting explores a provoking theme thought while meandering through simple, poetic reflections that readily fit the tone of the music.

“Money Time” successfully re-creates the color and optimism of summer while merging professional clarity with pure vitality and passion. On the surface, the tune appears to be a simple dancehall composition. Still, it is delivered with an uplifting leading voice, an exceptional and captivating backdrop, and a string of lyrics that are correctly focused on its own purposes all over.

The song is well-arranged, with outstanding performances from Teeniebit, a one-of-a-kind talent. The bass line is unrivaled, which is fundamental in any well-written reggae music.

In addition to an undeniably successful collection of building blocks, “Money Time” has an enormously positive and inspiring vibe. The room is filled with beautiful vibrations the entire time – the soundscape is multi-layered, beautiful, and full of music, passion, and happiness.

“Money Time” is a personal favorite from the Teeniebit collection to date and a beautiful song regardless of genre or style — a delightfully relaxing reminder that all will be fine in the end. 

Effortless professionalism along with thoughtful and honest writing, come together to create something that is deliciously easy to get lost in. “Money Time” is a perfect listen that is well worth your time this time of year.

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