King Cigga merges the sound of the modern trap movement with dreamy production and an intimate, rhythmic vocal approach in Money on My Mind, which is instantly memorable.

The music features a distinctive sound design and gently gritty voices layered upfront for authenticity, shows the Indianapolis-based artist’s free-flowing expressive nature, and creates a vibe akin to legends from a glorious past.

King Cigga is an extremely talented trap artist hailing from Gary Indiana who is ready to make airwaves in the rap world with sheer talent. Money on My Mind is an excellent introduction to his style, providing a quick fix of escapism that soothes and connects due to its honesty and inventive musicianship.

Made to inspire and motivate the listeners into passive income methods, Money on My Mind shows how successful King Cigga is with his main income routine, Networking Street music more like King Cigga’s hobby, and he is so good at it.

Money on My Mind keeps you engaged throughout and manages to maintain a strong pace and feel with the melodies and quiet confidence of the performances, despite being lyrically engaging but not always simple to understand owing to the production effects.

However, the overall production is excellent, with a pleasant tone and a catchy development that is well-suited to the style. Hopefully, there will be more music in the future.

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