A versatile musician from Germany, Johnny Talker has demonstrated his versatility with elegance by tossing up his latest video song. “Momente der Stille” distinguishes out thanks to its seamless production and genuine, thoughtful lyrical style, which leads the way with peaceful contemplation.

Johnny’s initial exposure to music came from his father’s record collection when he was a child. Later, after being influenced by his cousin, he became acquainted with Amirap and, during his youth, German rap. The 1210s played, and the mike was rocked while regional and national jams were managed. His current musical style is a mix of classic rap, pop, and reggae/dancehall. 

Johnny Talker’s most recent EP, “Kleines Reich Vol. 1,” was published in December 2018. The second installment of the series, which was launched in December 2020, was distinguished by its own particular aesthetic. It’s straight from Minden.

Beginning with a mellow yet energetic beat, close to the mike, all lip-smacks and breath noises, this candid half-spoken, half-sung delivery lives or dies on how cool the artist presenting it is.

This realism is exceptionally refreshing in terms of contemporary pop-flavored hip hop, and the song creates a rapidly engaging hook that’s easily recognizable and pretty boldly addictive. It’s still spot-on in terms of tone, but it’s just enough of a diversion to allow the track to settle in.

This draws the listener’s attention to the striking, catchy rhythm and, of course, the Johnny Talker vocal. Lyrics, to be precise — there’s a plethora of them on exhibit.

Johnny Talker has used many exciting beats and exhibits a lot of ebbs and flow in his composition, similar to the action of waves lapping on a beach. Indeed, the real impact is one of opulence and luxury.

With a distinct production style and a sophisticated vocal flow that seems authentic, “Momente der Stille”  is a savvy gem of hip-hop with an emotional, smart delivery at its center that is undoubtedly worthy of your attention. And it’s all over far too quickly.

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