On his latest track, “MISTLETOE,” Asthmatic displays his poetic prowess and passion for music. His creative attitude is fluid, ranging from deeply passionate to mildly theatrical or characterful. “MISTLETOE” kicks off the process by enveloping the listener in a delicate, RnB-tinged pop environment, within which the artist’s distinctive leading voice emerges melodically and rhythmically.

Hard work or talent is rare to come by in an artist, but talent and hard work are becoming extremely rare. Asthmatic would like to discuss how artists such as Stevie Wonder, N.W.A, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac Shakur influenced him to pursue a career in music.

When Asthmatic was younger, he would set aside time to listen to and watch each individual artist interview and play on stage so that he could model what they’d done but add his own twist, whether it was going back in time to 1986 and speaking with DJ Yella from N.W.A or traveling to the twenty-first century and performing for Beyonce’s father, Dr. Mathew Knowles, Asthmatic, has met and received advice from many icons and forefathers who helped shape the music industry.

Musically uplifting from the start, “MISTLETOE” makes practical use of organic musicianship and melody alongside a lyrical outpouring that remains concentrated and compelling throughout, with a cleanly mixed, confident vocal that’s rhythmically appealing.

The concept for this music is intriguing and unmistakably unique – the artist’s name adds to the intrigue and, hopefully, draws you in for the novelty factor alone. The words don’t sound like a lot of recent hip-hop releases that aren’t necessarily conceptual when the music starts to play.

An ever-purpose Asthmatic merges genres and cultures throughout the simultaneously fast-paced and dreamy “MISTLETOE,” celebrating the good times and enjoying the occasion in style.

The song has the intensity of an R&B-tinged pop-hip-hop classic from a bygone era. The clarity of the mix, the pleasant soundscape of melodic riff and bass for added character, and the hook, on the other hand, all contribute something new to the scene.

The ability is undeniable in all aspects of production, writing, and performance. Brilliant – hopefully, there will be more music in the future from  Asthmatic creative corner.

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