“ODDxRude” brings audiences a crisp and heavy edge of hip-hop fused with a somewhat lighter, electronic synth soundscape for the track ”Mistakes”. The combination works well, and the production on this track is of the absolute highest quality – regardless of the volume you choose to listen at, the track has that polish and that finish to make it really strike hard.

There’s a notable creativity to the production whereby the mind behind it all has played around with the structure and the sounds; there are a lot of different moments to catch, and the energy and sounds chosen around that leading concept, that hook, give it a lot of weight. There’s an intensity to the music, a dramatic sort of darkness, particularly during the intro, but as the hook comes into play there’s a glimpse of the mainstream music world in that it instantly feels familiar and easy to remember. You’d know the track again from any point throughout the mix, should you catch it at the start or halfway through; there’s a very distinct style to the production and the vocal effects – as well as the chop-and-go arrangement of the vocal snippets. Part of what makes a track stand out and lie heavy in the minds of those who hear it is this sort of fusion of original moments that come together to create something familiar and easy to relate to.

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