Patboy Duval, a Jacksonville, Duval, Florida-based artist and rapper, is already aiming high and hitting the mark as impressively as his peers. “Mirror, Mirror” includes Mike Milli, and it’s a great introduction to Patboy Duval’s work, as well as a step forward in terms of his popularity and the name he’s earning for himself in the scene.

Patboy Duval is a teenage rapper from Brunswick, Georgia, who grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. He’s been penning rhymes for years, but he only started recording and entertaining people in 2014. In 2016, he chose to devote his full attention to music by launching his label/brand CG Music. He’s reinvented himself since then, yet his music remains intense.

“Mirror, Mirror” appears to be an outstanding and smooth-flowing modern hip-hop track from the outside. It’s a pleasing anthem that gets better with each shifting segment – a different flow, a changeover from rap to melody, and then another new melody. You will also discover an artist with genuinely refreshing bars when you pay close attention.

This track has an addicting appeal to it, fusing many colors and flickers of character with extreme passion and evident love for the art form. The track’s many sections allow it to keep your attention and affection till the conclusion. Then, after it’s over, you can’t help but go back to the beginning.

“Mirror, Mirror” has a unique, addicting sweetness. With a nod to the vocal styles of prominent people from recent years but remaining true to a far more alternative, melodic, and personality-infused presentation. The song elevates the vibe in the room to a dreamlike and reflective condition, which perfectly fits the music’s mood and lyrics.

Professionalism and confidence combine beautifully to create something that easily matches the genre’s contemporary context. We’re sure to hear a lot more from Patboy Duval as he develops his sound and voice.

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