RCFM Nova is one of the talented, marvelous, and amazing young souls who is in love with music from an early age. It is truly awesome to listen to fresh and clear music after ages and this whole thing will change all your mood swings at once. 

Mind Yours is a track that has a very raw and real sound to it throughout the recording. The backing track has a pretty effective sound pattern and appealing awesome music. Over the top of this is a very personal and emotional rap-style performance. It’s reflective hip-hop, essentially, but presented very calmly, almost like spoken word. There’s a lot of creativity present, without the need for masses of effects and additional sounds – and that’s a wonderful thing.

Bringing genre back into the mix, there’s a delightful bit of soul featured throughout, fused in with a whole lot of everything that is modern and new about chillout Hip Hop music. It sounds great, the voice is truly quite stunning, honest sounding, and the style is fresh and easy to get involved in. Furthermore, at its very core – the songwriting is right up there with the best of them. It’s a brilliant combination of elements and skills, making for a quality listening experience. This is undeniably an artist to get on board with.

The music makes you feel amazing. As mentioned, this particular track fuses a little of the raw and the real, with some of that alternative heaviness, so at first, you’re drawn in by the vibe, the structure, the formula, then later you’re held captive by the personality and the flair that pours out with every line expressed. And there’s so much more where this came from.

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