Stringflow strikes a somewhat different chord for this next minimalist Tropical house release, “Midnight,” with an 80s-inspired song. Minimalism is essential. The space, the simple grouping of parts, the exact cut rhythm, and the riffs all contribute to the music’s soul.

Stringflow is devoted to spreading wonderful music to as many people as possible. That is undoubtedly his goal as an electronic music producer and a student of Kygo, Ferry Corsten, Ryan Tedder, Stevie Mackey, Nicky Romero, and Louis Bell. He immediately recognized that he enjoys melodic music, which is beautiful and uplifting.

Stringflow first heard electronic music in 2008, when he heard Tiesto’s mix Adagio for Strings and fell in love with it right away. He primarily creates EDM and Dance music, and all of his works are melodic in nature.

The lead vocalist rides on top of the beat in a classic 80’s style here, but as the song progresses, the more familiar side of Stringflow’s artistic reach emerges. The shiver-inducing delicacy of the synths fills the gaps among verses brilliantly, staying true to the modest set-up while adding more than enough color and depth to make this a compelling journey.

Stringflow’s singing on this tune is equally smooth and delicate, almost whispered to you – as if it were just another component in the mix.

However, the added benefit is this underlying sense of possibility and desire. When we listen to the composition, it’s often to escape from our world for a bit – other times, and it’s to improve a specific moment or give us an energizing boost and self-empowering aura to motivate us to get things done. All of this is conveyed to the listener in this scenario.

Listening at total volume allows you to immerse yourself in the situation completely. The brightness and high energy are incredibly uplifting, even motivating, and provide a true sensation of enjoyment to anyone prepared to let the music fill the space.

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