Junya Komori is, professionally speaking, an absolutely talented soul who is from Japan. Junya Komori’s music is utterly refreshing to stumble upon. The creative energy of this latest track “Mermaids and Myth” from The Rift is superb. The opening soundscape riff offers the satisfying hit of any great or classic track, the gentle nature of it appeals but it’s also soaked in a certain sense of anticipation – you can feel that things are about to get much more intense.

What’s interesting about this release is that the track itself comes through as a fair warrior music-driven piece of music and present, however, the ambiance created by the instrumentation produces a somewhat alternative sound. Furthermore, there’s something beautifully poetic and folk-like about the music. There’s a purity and an honesty about it that seems so authentically heartfelt.

Rightly so, as the rhythm comes in, the music starts to build, the energy is high, then in a touch of effective structural awareness, the instrumentation falls away to allow the leading voice to present the verse sections. Musically the song begins in a sort of awesome manner, occasionally hinting at the more mellow yet haunting side of warrior music. It’s a stylish combination, and Of course, just as you think you know where you are, the whole thing explodes into this interesting pace. Without a doubt, this release has been incredibly well crafted and as the audience, you all are going to love the same.

By all accounts, Junya Komori’s very core is emblazoned with a passion for this type of music. As the song progresses, there are some slick and infectious moments of energy and rhythm that come with a touch of Junya Komori-inspired vibes. All in all, though, there’s something beautifully unique about this sound and melody, and musicality that stands alone and is unquestionably fresh in their own right.

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