A blessing to discover something of depth and skill and clarity. Lashings of simple yet powerful lyrics repeat throughout the music of “Melhor Amigo,” music which in itself is fairly minimal, synthesized ambiance, amazing vocals – yet it’s extremely effective – some kind of winning recipe, achieved only occasionally in a world overflowing with music.

Cast’s voice is the first thing to grab your attention, it kicks in right from the offset; the tone of it, and the inflections he uses to enhance the notes – make the sound immediately very stylish, smooth, and easy to listen to. It’s undeniably a great voice, and on top of this; the music surrounding is of a mellow and almost pop-like nature. It doesn’t feel like your average pop song – it feels new; it’s personal but entirely accessible, and clearly very meaningful, right to its core.

The melody throughout is memorable and effective, getting caught in your mind, wrapping itself around you, and becoming instantly nostalgic in a way. It very quickly feels familiar, but only in that it’s so well written and structured – everything happens just as it needs to. The soundscape is simple and adds to the overall captivating sound of the song. The slightly electronic touch within the music is subtle but effective – it creates a great vibe that you can really get lost in, and yet, at the same time, it maintains its chilled atmosphere. The song is still as comforting as the concept of someone who will always be there for you, and so it all fuses together superbly. This kind of production is really well suited to Cast’s vocal style and songwriting.

We have yet to find a song we don’t like, and there’s enough variation between tracks that you don’t get bored of it at any point. Some of it feels like modern hip hop at its very best, and some are broken down to its core; simple, calming sincerity. Which did make it difficult to choose just one song for the feature, but we went with our gut. This was the first thing we heard and saw, and it still hits hard even after having experienced it a few times now

‘Melhor Amigo’ features some really imaginative and powerful lyrics throughout, and once again, incredible vocals from the singer. When you witness this amazing video along with the track you can easily find the true love of a father and the bond of their relationship in a nicer way. The raw emotion and honesty of Cast’s songs is massively present in this track; something that is way too often missing from modern songs. 

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