Building on the success of his debut single, “See You Dance,” Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Meetch is back with another heater, “Androids.”

Meetch’s new release showcases his evolution as a producer, fusing his tech house roots with powerful bass house elements. With over a decade of live music performances under his belt, Meetch has earned a reputation for getting the crowd moving, and “Androids” is no exception.

The intoxicating track features a groovy bassline and intricate percussive patterns that drive its infectious energy, while its gritty synth work adds depth and texture. The catchy vocal samples laced throughout “Androids,” on the other hand, elevate the overall impact of the track. Meetch’s technical skills are on full display.

Take a listen to “Androids” below.

“I couldn’t be more stoked to drop my second track, ‘Androids’! After coming up with the robotic vocals, I know that a sliding modulated bass synth could really tie this drop together,” explained Meetch. “A simple baseline that will surely make people have that ‘dirty look’ when they hit the dance flor. Robots are becoming more and more prevalent now. With a new era of AI, will humanoid robots be the end of all existence?”

Meetch has been performing live music for over a decade. He started his journey within music by playing the drums in bands before pursuing his solo music career as a producer. With a packed schedule of live performances and studio sessions ahead, he’s now poised to cement himself as an artist to watch. 

Meetch is currently gearing up for his forthcoming show at Avalon Hollywood on Sunday, May 28th. Tickets are available via Eventbrite



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