Some music will not need any vocals or lyrics to attract your ear and the soul at the same time. This awesome and heart-touching soundtrack “Matin brun” is for a theater play. Matin brun is a french word that means brown morning and this is also a french fable Franck Pavloff in 1998. 

When you listen to this awesome track you will realize and bring back your memories from the late 90s and you will feel the amazing roots of this amazing era with music. This awesome soundtrack was published by the publishing house of Cheyne in December 1998.

Martin Brun includes in the fable “Brownshirts” and this is linked with Nazis. 

You all can find out the fiction as well and in 2002 this book sold more than a million copies. The interesting fact is there is no time indication for this piece of work as well. This magnificent work of art will take you to another world since every tune and melody is marvelous. You can feel how amazingly many different tunes change all over the track. Every tune has added a different color for “Matin Brun” and it will give you a positive vibe at the same time. 

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