The world-renowned Vocal AlKemist, Marv Radio, is set to release his latest track, ‘OVER’, on YouTube. With a distinct fusion of conscious hip hop, R&B, and soul, ‘OVER’ manifests Marv’s unique capability of crafting enchanting sounds that captivate listeners while invoking thought-provoking narratives.

Drawing on his prowess as a 3x UK Champion Beatboxer and sound magician, ‘OVER’ features dynamic vocal loops and rhythmic beats, echoing the artist’s deep understanding of sound journeys. The song stands as a testament to Marv’s unparalleled talent in combining storytelling, coaching, and breathwork into music, emanating an aura of holistic wellness.

Hailing from Ibiza and London, Marv Radio is not just an artist but a world-class showman, inspiring audiences with his diverse and innovative soundscape. Explore ‘OVER’ on YouTube and dive deeper into Marv’s extraordinary sonic world.

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