Marshall Mabry, a distinguished Music Pastor, shares a profound musical offering with the world through “Sing to Jesus Always.” This heartfelt anthem transcends the limitations of time and embraces the eternal significance of praising the Name of “Jesus” every day of our lives.

In a world where fleeting moments define our existence, Marshall Mabry reminds us of the incomparable value of eternal life in Christ. “Sing to Jesus Always” beckons listeners to raise their voices with unwavering devotion, pouring out their strength, gratitude, and love to the Savior.

Mabry’s captivating music style, rooted in the Gospel genre, weaves together uplifting melodies, powerful harmonies, and soul-stirring lyrics. The song embodies the essence of heartfelt worship, igniting a flame of passion within the hearts, minds, and souls of those who encounter it.

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