Marsh B., an award-nominated rap prodigy from Louisville, KY, is announcing the release of his newest track ‘Sucka Free’ on YouTube, reinforcing his decade-long standing in the music industry.

‘Sucka Free’ is an unfiltered exploration of Marsh B.’s indomitable spirit, raw energy, and pure authenticity. His expert lyricism interwoven with a killer beat is a testament to his craftsmanship and command over the rap genre.

Marsh B.’s independence in the music industry, which mirrors the liberating energy of ‘Sucka Free’, has cultivated his own unique style and rhythm, unrivaled in the streets of Louisville. His genuine representation of the local hip-hop scene is precisely what sets him apart.

‘Sucka Free’ is an invitation to join Marsh B. on his exhilarating journey through music, a path that remains firmly rooted in authenticity and fierce independence.

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