ArmaniGoCrazy provides an ultimately motivating, uplifting Mariah, with dreamy production and contemporary rap rhythms, a rapidly addicting tune, and a lyrically appealing theme.

The tune keeps things simple to bring attention to a somewhat more concentrated voice than others. It’s simple in style but hard-hitting in tone and quietly brilliant in language.

Despite the effects, ArmaniGoCrazy injects individuality and distinctive elements into the track, and this strength carries throughout his release – retaining calm confidence and making use of the mic with variations inflow and an evident passion for the performance experience.

Mariah is musically uplifting from the start, with a beautifully blended, confident vocal that’s rhythmically captivating. ArmaniGoCrazy makes excellent use of organic musicianship and melody, as well as a lyrical outpouring that remains focused and compelling throughout.

The tune barely makes it near the two-minute mark, is short but effective in laying bare its genre and intents. This is especially true with a one-minute-forty-eight-second Mariah 4k.

The performance was terrific, from the production to the script and delivery. Fantastic – perhaps there will be more music from ArmaniGoCrazy in the future.

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