Taylor Swift‘s “Cowboy Like Me” found a new partner in crime at the inaugural Sommo Festival this weekend.

Marcus Mumford brought Maggie Rogers to the stage to join him on the Evermore song at the Canada music festival held in Cavendish, on Prince Edward Island, where Rogers headlined Friday night (July 14) and Mumford & Sons headlined Saturday night (July 15).

As part of the encore Mumford joked that there comes a time when “all there is left to do, the only choice we have, is to play a Taylor Swift song.”


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See latest videos, charts and news

He took the first verse of “Cowboy Like Me.” Rogers came in to harmonize with his vocals and then took over on the second verse: “Never wanted love, just a fancy car/ Now I’m waiting by the phone like I’m sitting in an airport bar,” she sang.

The Mumford & Sons frontman is featured on background vocals on the studio version of “Cowboy Like Me,” which was recorded at Mumford’s Scarlet Pimpernel Studios.

Swift welcomed him to the stage when she debuted the song live during the Las Vegas stop of the The Eras Tour in March. Mumford had previously performed the song solo on his own tour.

Watch Mumford and Rogers’ duet of “Cowboy Like Me” below.

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