Poke left their imprint quite immediately with this latest release, blending raw rock energy with a more engaging, performance-based rock hook and rise-up to it, hitting hard with the explosive Rock / Industrial Rock / Synth Rock / Goth Rock swagger of “Manipulator.”

Poke is a musical project started in 2017 by Music Producer and Sound Engineer Armando Doval, the founding member of the band phoenix/NEBULIN.

Poke released their first self-titled EP in 2017, primarily a record infused with melodic synth lines and grungy guitars with Gothic undertones.  This release set the premise for what Poke’s music would sound like and evolve from. The second album, “Infected,” brought a more focused and cohesive Industrial Synth Rock approach to their production style. The new album “Manipulator” will follow the others as a cinematic anthemic synth-rock record.

Poke has clearly mastered being musically faithful to their own artistic and expressive requirements, delivering forth an original song that spills through with complete creative freedom yet a clear enthusiasm for and connection to the writing and playing process.

A fantastic live drum section holds this piece together in a tight groove that eases you through a smart arrangement and fuzz Synths to a highly satisfying widescreen chorus that demonstrates Poke’s talent.

Once upon a time, a new Industrial Rock song would come through with such uniqueness, passion, and detail that you couldn’t help but spend an entire hour with it – playing it on repeat, studying the lyrics and melodic changes, and feeling yourself rising up with the band’s developing energy.

Poke is a band that offers precisely those nostalgic qualities but in a new and refreshing way. “Manipulator” hooks you from the start, and once it does, the experience is entirely worth it.

Thankfully, rock music is returning to its roots of passionate, talented escapism, and Poke is definitely set to play a role in that.

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