Including a lightly funk-kissed backdrop and contrastingly hip hop-scene beat, Mamunia weaves in a pleasingly upfront vocal melody and a subject matter devoted towards a significant other. This connection is poetically delivered, with an appealing tune at its core to leave a mark quickly.

Ravinggroove is a versatile new artist. After gigging some years on the Austrian Jazz scene, out of the pandemic and lockdown grew an idea of an own brand and own recorded music. Mamunia is the artist’s first song, self-produced and released, and was possible thanks to the KOZA collaboration .

Passing together superficial layers of organic composition, from keys to bass to guitar and rhythm, with a sensitive and initially lower-toned vocal lead, Mamunia emerges complete with a crisp and clean set of visuals showing the artist at play among a white backdrop. 

The vocals hit brighter realms of passion for the switch, lighting up the room and reinforcing that cheerful trust in an appealing, hooky, and striking way. It inspires genuine forward-thinking and positivity, with a smooth, soulful aura that’s quickly infectious.

Positive sound bites and audio fragments at the start of the song. Mamunia Mixes genres in a notably first-hand fashion. The single is cool to escape into and provides the comforting musical embrace of well-produced music.

Given the severe lack of live music in our world lately, this single makes for a sublime hit of Smooth escapism that’s as close to the real thing as possible. Brilliant musicianship, not showy but humble in execution – makes acceptable use of the right building blocks to comfort and engage a new audience. Lovely.

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