“Make Believe,” a video by Atlanta’s Scooter Swayze, portrays a picture of artistry and invention in a way that is both sensitive and fashionable. It’s a cleanly mixed fusion of enthusiasm and professionalism, with focused production and catchy content with highly affective overtones.

Scooter Swayze is an up-and-coming hip hop musician from Atlanta’s southside who mainly records hip hop and pop music. He was born and raised on the south side of the city. His one-of-a-kind recordings have made him a household name in the southern Atlanta area. His most recent release, “Make Believe,” is already causing ripples in the music industry and is expected to continue to do so.

The composition, which is brimming with positive vibes and crisp, faultlessly skilled production that brings through the best of the groove and the heart of the mood in every case, highlights the absolute professionalism and focus that lie at the heart of Scooter Swayze’s unyielding work ethic. 

In this hip-hop/pop song, “Make Believe,” Scooter Swayze’s vocals and the gritty beat attract the listener in. On the other hand, you’ll find a plethora of song lyrics on display. They employ a lot of reverb and delay in their arrangement, which resembles the ebb and flow of waves on a beach. Indeed, the overall impression is one of great wealth.

Just over two minutes long, “Make Believe” is hypnotic and will have the viewer wondering whether they blinked and missed it. There is an almost trippy taste to the audio experience since the mix is immense, with huge slabs of sound that have been squeezed so that everything appears greater than everything else.

“Make Believe,” a song that is humble in tone yet brave in subject matter, does an excellent job of setting the tone, delivering a solid groove that urges you to press play again as soon as it comes to a finish.

The track’s production, writing, performance, and energy all work in favor of its intended purpose, making it a tune that is easy to get lost in for a short period of time if you let yourself.

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