Great songwriting, a softly passionate delivery, all blended with unusual sound design for a truly interesting and also decidedly unique hit of artistry. 

West Ingston is a new, well-talented and awesome musical artist from Houston, Texas who enjoys trying to make regular pop songs as well as experimental hip hop/rap music. He has been songwriting for about the last 2 years and started recording earlier this year in 2021. “Magnetars and Pulsars” is a recently released unique track by West Ingston. He nicely proves that music is a free language that has no limits. 

This is a truly creative production and pop rhythms meet with an equally modern auto-tune lead and a refreshingly emotive storyline and melody – West Ingston gets conceptual and ambient with Magnetars and Pulsars. Clever bars, unique sound design, passion, and precision united – Magnetars and Pulsars

When you listen to this awesome track, you all will feel how unique and interesting it is, which stands out for its strength of character, skill and professionalism all at once. 

West Ingston clearly knows his strengths and he knows how to use the same at the right point. As of now also this magnificent track is on fire on Youtube too and people love the uniqueness, flow, and color of the track at the same time. 

Fresh melody, smooth vibe, awesome vocals, balanced tunes, and creativity will always play a major role throughout the track. West Ingston is currently working on a mixtape that should be released by late December or early January. Stay tuned with West Ingston to witness his many more amazing works in the near future.

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