Fusing his classical formation with a bold exploration of electronic textures, Maero composes avant-garde, genre-blurring journeys that transport listeners to the depths of his imaginary sun verse.

From uplifting orchestral anthems to glitchy, dystopian odysseys, each piece is distinctly unique yet all are unmistakably Maero. Dramatic, immersive, and ever-evolving, Maero’s creations melt the real world away – for those willing to take the ride.

Beyond music, Maero creates immersive worlds. His debut album Awakening is brought to life in a 12-episode animated visual album depicting a mythical hero’s journey in an original, fictional universe. From New World Order’s dystopian battle to Ghost’s plea to God and Fantasia’s discovery of love, Awakening stands as a symbol of Maero’s universe – a new kind of experience, a world never seen before

“When writing music, I’ve always felt I’m discovering stories happening in imaginary worlds and bringing them to life.

For my debut, I wanted to paint a genesis story, a disruptive arrival into an existing world. It became clear that New World Order, with its tenseful intro and dark, beat-driven energy, would be the perfect symbol for that statement.

As I contemplated the release, I realized I could not tell these stories fully without bringing them to life with visual, cinematic experiences. And so with New World Order as its first episode, the Awakening visual saga was born.”

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