Heavy bass work, dreamy melodies, and sharp trap rhythms comprise the professional and contemporary soundscape “Made It Count” by producer Big Criip.

Big Criip, a Little Rock, Arkansas-based rap musician, collaborated with AONE to create this music single. He has also released an album titled “UNDENIABLE” that you can listen to.

Big Criip begins with an instantly appealing beat and backdrop, then combines retro keys for melody with the modern fire of bass and trap rhythms fused together.

Meanwhile, the rap continues to deliver a steady stream of bars, first spectacular, then strangely quick, and still brilliant. The single aspires high and strikes the mark, leaving you wanting to listen again when the brief two-minute and forty-second track concludes.

“Made It Count” drives with a reasonably rapid speed but a clearly impassioned undertone, focusing on the entire feeling but also including a fundamental riff or melodic pattern, one that appears via synthetic music layers intermittently.

“Made It Count,” a quick but unforgettable smash of confidence and style that leaves you eager to re-listen in full, is refreshingly unpolished vocally while still in sync with the modern sound of hip hop.

“Made It Count” serves a clear objective, and it does what it needs to. Hopefully, there will be plenty more music in the works to highlight versatility on all fronts. Big Criip is a good fit for the style.

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