Miami, FL – Skinny The Fatso, a talented singer-songwriter originally from Venezuela, has just released his latest single, “Made in America,” a blend of country, rap, and EDM. Known for his diverse range of genres, Skinny The Fatso’s music style encompasses rap, Latin hip-hop, EDM, indie pop, and now country music.

In collaboration with indie artist Desani aka Skitz, Skinny The Fatso’s “Right Now” tells the heartwarming story of an unbreakable bond between a father and daughter. Another single, “El Caballero de Paris,” performed alongside D Notes, pays homage to a historical figure in Havana, Cuba.

Skinny The Fatso’s captivating performances have taken him to venues across the globe, including Calle 8 Festival, Tobacco Road, Blue Martini, Jazid lounge, and many classic locations in South Florida. He has also made several TV appearances and performances in the Dominican Republic.

With a unique life path that involved fast money, women, drugs, loss, crime, and prison, Skinny The Fatso has a deep understanding of life’s most difficult experiences, inspiring his heartfelt narratives and high-energy flow. Currently, his focus is on producing several upcoming country music releases.

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