Your favorite producer’s favorite producer is back—and at his best. After the release of two mind-melting singles, Lunice‘s sophomore album, OPEN, has arrived via LuckyMe.

The influential trap producer’s first album in six years, OPEN is a monumental follow-up to 2016’s debut, CCCLX. As expected from a generational talent like Lunice, the record delves deep into the depths of his production aresenal, utilizing booming basses and snappy percussion to fortify his meticulously crafted beats. 

Although Lunice’s signature trap-forward sound is identifiable throughout each track, the album as a whole is wildly unpredictable. While many full-lengths are reliant on structure and timing to formulate a cohesive story, Lunice’s OPEN embraces spontaneity. The renowned producer, who also operates as one half of TNGHT alongside Hudson Mohawke, has delivered a highlight reel of his intuition and adaptability.

“Winnebago” is a clear example of just how unique Lunice’s production skillset is, manipulating DAGR’s voice with woozy vocoders and lacing it through languid 808s. The same can be said of the titular “Open,” a resounding cut wherein airy, atmospheric production slithers into focus before he chops Yuki Dreams Again’s vocals atop saturated kicks.

All said and done, OPEN is yet another demonstration of Lunice’s dominance, proving that creativity and boldness will continue to reign supreme in the mercurial world of trap music.

Listen to OPEN below and find the new album on streaming platforms here. Fans can also purchase vinyl via LuckyMe.

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