A huge thank you to Milli On for the absolute classic that is Lowkey. Relighting the energy and freshness of original hip-hop from back in the day – the realness, the storytelling, the character, the space, the color, the creativity – this project has it all, and then some. The title track sets the bar phenomenally high, a manic yet calming soundscape rides alongside a series of ideas, presented by some notably confident and smooth performances that offer up consistently impressive flows. It’s a track which can be enjoyed by every hip-hop lover or in general anyone who loves new music.

Milli On is a Florida-based artist who is making amazing tracks with a love and passion for music. From his small days, he loved music and was a help and a motivation in his life. So as an artist he too wants to inspire and help people to relax with his sensational music. Lowkey follows and turns things towards a more trip-hop-inspired ambiance. Once the leading vocal kicks in, the vibe returns – the thread, the familiarity. It’s explicitly easy to get hooked on these tracks, simply because so few artists are able to perform and captivate so immediately, so consistently; and on top of a perfectly retro musical ambiance that really lets creativity thrive. The storylines within hold you hypnotized from start to finish. You’re right there in the zone with them.

It can’t be said enough how impressive and refreshing this release is. It’s also worth pointing out that this is far from an attempt at re-harnessing a former selling point. it works, it keeps you addicted. The only potential negative here is how short the project ultimately is. Enjoy on repeat, and click through to the socials below to stay updated on future releases. Hopefully, there’s a lot more to come.

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