Featuring an immediately warm, Hip Hop rhythm to the audience.  AnB Sol nicely presents one of the amazing recently released tracks “Loveless.” AnB Sol is a well-talented soul from Canada and he always wants to bond with music from his childhood. This track “Loveless” will be one of the turning points of AnB Sol’s life because he has delivered the same with so much passion.

Creative production and Hip Hop rhythms meet with an equally modern auto-tune lead and a refreshingly emotive storyline and melody. Ultimately the release leaves you feeling hopeful, thinking about love, those you hold close, those you’ve lost, and at the same time it energizes – prompts you to turn up the volume and escape into the moment.

You can see the clever bars, unique sound design, passion, and precision united – AnB Sol stands out for its strength of character, skill, and professionalism all at once. This is worth listening to and we are pretty sure you all will fall in love with “Loveless” within a second. Great production overall though, an enjoyable sound with a catchy progression at the same time.

Crisp rhythms and multicolored sound design create a blissful vibe and as listeners, you might need to listen to this amazing track more than once. It is time to listen to this mind-blowing track. Check the link below and as his beloved audience, we are eagerly waiting for the next track soon. 

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