On his latest Reprise single, “LOVE SOUL,” MOE MOKS leads with a laid-back musical background and positivity, offering us the incredible afrobeat vibes of a delicately created atmosphere, along with a string of calming RnB vocals and a clear sense of aim and personality.

MOE MOKS, an Afro-Soul artist, creates waves with his new LOVE SOUL (I Need you). MOE MOKS, born in Nigeria, broke into the public with his song ROCKETS, which was remixed five times, featured on two albums, and appeared on two television shows. Moks has performed on MTV, Coachella, and various other stages around the world.

MOE MOKS, who grew up in Houston, Texas, overcame several obstacles on his musical journey. After being homeless in Boston, he rebounded by breaking record after record with series like 40 DAYS & 40 NIGHTS. MOKS wrote and published a song every night and day for 40 days, resulting in the song ROCKETS. ROCKETS is being played on radio stations and has been recognized by a large number of YouTube visitors and Spotify listeners.

Rather than overwhelming listeners with the brightness and excessive bounce so common in afrobeat and dancehall, there’s a modest level of genuineness throughout this composition – even the songwriting touches on an impressive topic while meandering through straightforward, poetic observations that quickly fits the emotions of the music.

The song features supreme story-telling and cleanly-mixed vocals that wander smoothly with creatively original soundscapes, making it one of the most appealing Afro-Soul singles that emerged this year.

Far from confined to a single style, versatility stands tall – consider the contemporary RnB tones and simple weight of “LOVE SOUL,” dreamy and hard-hitting in its take on the sound of the moment.

“LOVE SOUL” introduces MOE MOKS in a way that captivates and calms, focusing on the rhythm and the natural presence of Afro-Soul/ RnB that doesn’t need anything spectacular or excessive to gather a crowd.

It is beautifully done, refreshingly creative, and courageous to delve into the depths of love and devotion.

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