The recognizable sound design immediately generates a dreamy ambient feeling before persistent yet catchy-toned bars explain engaging contemplation of Geddusa’s latest album, “Love Got You.”

Leading with clarity and character, the delivery’s flow and speed are powerful yet varied and consistently distinctive. Geddusa has a distinct tone and personality, and each new part supports the increasing vigor of the music with a contemporary twist in vocal rhythm – most notably the move to the hook.

Rhythm is a stand-out, while captivating female vocal fragments, as well as the raw rap presentation of Geddusa, guide the road with mystery and innovation – towards what looks to be a combination of elements from across the genre’s history. 

“Love Got You” gets things started with solid production and a vocal beat that’s as catchy as it is snappy in the bars and overall process. By all accounts, the recording is excellent and highly fascinating. The weight of the delivery appears to work well with this approach, giving it a hip-hop/rap feel from every viewpoint.

“Love Got You,” which clocks in at just two minutes and five seconds, is structurally unusual, making sure to keep the entire composition hanging, even with its delicacy, but still injecting a simple story and touch of affection along the way.

The song, which has a good rhythm and a clear sense of identity, works its magic to fascinate audiences and pique their curiosity in the rest of the Geddusa collection. The second drop into the rhythm is massive, with subtle flavors in the background, and the music hits with lasting intensity.

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