Wavy Westbrook’s newest Freestyle, “Love All,” is a fantastic tune for modern hip-hop fans to listen to on the go. Wavy Westbrook is motivated by a genuine passion for music, including appealing melodies, straightforward topics, professionalism, and grace.

Wavy entered the world of Hip Hop creating music at a young age. He is a crafty hip-hop artist and entertainer from Lancaster, PA, influenced by the style of music known as “TRAPSOUL.” Formerly known as YD, Wavy Westbrook changed his stage name to stand out and match his unique sound. He has opened for the likes of Cardi B, Lil Baby, Yfn Lucci, and many others. 

Wavy has also headlined his own shows. He credits artists like Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa as just a few of his influences. His sound and style of music are unpredictable, catchy, and captivating. Wavy currently has studio records with Gillie the kid, Cassidy, and Casanova. He is presently working on an EP and the release of several singles.

‘Love All,’ the newest Freestyle from Wavy Westbrook, gets things started with a continuous vocal outpouring and a fast-paced groove. A potent mix means you can crank up the volume and get lost in the excitement of each soundscape, just as you would in the personalities and tales.

‘Love All’ is a stunning new hip hop hit that plays by its own rules, paving the way and relying on the force of the music as much as the chance to showcase verbally and visually. The whole song has a humble yet cerebral quality, offering listeners a welcome counterpoint to most modern hip hop/high-energy rap’s loops and anthem-like simplicity.

The video, without a doubt, contributes to the track’s appeal — you can’t help but watch as personality and apparent love for the genre carry you through. The freestyle “Love All” checks a lot of boxes as an introduction to the artist and in terms of what works and resonates with a modern hip-hop audience. Expressive performances and videography round out the package nicely.

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