The already raw and energetic sound of “Deep Delusion” has been supremely revamped and re-polished with this immense and powerful new release “Lovable Mistake” by Irene Zerva to all the audience out there.  Irene Zerva’s vocals are amazing and “Deep Delusion” has added an amazing touch to the track which is awesome. The sound is incredibly fresh, fusing the weight and manic pace of deep house, this remix hits with unbelievable impact.  “Deep Delusion” is one of the awesome and talented DJs, and a producer who loves to blend House and techno music to all the audience out there. This awesome soul always wanted to do something unique and “Lovable Mistake” is one of the greatest results of his amazing works.

The great thing about this release is that it comes complete with the simplicity of a descending synth riff that cascades around you in the way that deep house releases did back in the day. You need only the music, that signature characteristic, and an insanely captivating build-up to make it compelling and memorable – ”Lovable Mistake” has encapsulated all of this and has done so in a highly-skilled, high-caliber manner.

This track is more than seven minutes long the official release leaves you longing for an all-nighter. The music intends to gear its audience up, and that’s exactly what’s achieved. There’s a certain level of change within the walls of the track, just enough to let you follow the journey and to pull you further and further into the eye of the storm as things progress, but for the most part, you familiarize yourself with (and indeed get lost in) this particular sound over the extent of the experience. There’s a definite sense of character to this sound, and that’s not an easy thing to achieve, particularly with instrumental music.

The sheer high quality and creativity of this release is the sort that makes you wonder why you haven’t heard it before. Deep Delusion has a born talent for crafting songs, and performing. This release is undoubtedly the result of a multitude of talent fused with years of experience and an unstoppable passion for music. It’s a stunning release, completely fresh, exciting, impressive at every moment, structurally considerate and varied throughout so as to really keep you focused and involved in the moment. Everything from the beat to the ideas to the tone of the music and the evolving performance style. Lovable Mistake” washes over you in precisely the ambient and unexpected manner its title implies. The calmness of the music is contrasted cleverly with the somewhat manic pace of the delivery – the whole thing becomes intense, slightly dark but playing effectively upon the confidence and character of the lyricism.

The whole thing showcases the work of a uniquely creative and dedicated artist with ideas and depth. The more you listen, the more every riff, every part of the beat, every tune and indeed that smooth, subtle melody become familiar, unforgettable even. It’s a hypnotic piece of music, an exciting new release with powerful, captivating audio.

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