An unusually contrasting sound design for “Lost Love” serves as the perfect accompaniment to this fast-paced outpouring from South Carolina’s own OG Pdash.

South Carolina rapper OG Pdash is also the CEO of Ink House Entertainment, which he founded. Since 1997, he has started composing music. In Hidden Legacy, he is re-releasing all of his previously unreleased material in a series of compilation volumes. Back from Commercial is the title of his new project, which will feature new music and is slated to be released in December 2021.

The music, which has a simple but haunting atmosphere and a robust rhythm, incorporates a vaguely oriental vibe and a single vocal lead and little echoes of voice to provide additional impact to the piece.

The vocal tone, the crisp delivery, the dynamic flow, and the similarly sharp, smart arrangement of the bars all contribute to the overall weight of the track.

OG Pdash’s voice, in both sound and lyric, is becoming increasingly distinct from the rest of the pack of rappers. In a succession of flows that always return to the melodically catchy hook, it is instantly recognizable and fascinating, portraying the pain of the words genuinely, displaying transparency and revealing sensitivity throughout the song.

In the midst of the intense weight of this bass-heavy beat, the personality-driven vocal resounds with the theme of “Lost Love.” As a result, the vocalist creates a creatively expressive, lyrically intelligent, and fascinating web of intricacy around the song, continuously returning to an easily accessible and boldly relevant anthem-like resolve.

Moments of melody, as well as numerous structural adjustments, help to keep things interesting at every turn of the journey. Meanwhile, the tale is told, personal and engaging, and there is the occasional familiar reference to bolster sentiments of confidence and motivation.

Lost Love is memorable for its characters and rhyme scheme, as well as for its musical innovation. It seems nostalgic and simple at the same time as it is innovative and refreshing in its carefree yet intelligent take on the issue.

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