Lost in My Mind has symphonious tunes to freshen you up and mellow beats that calms you down. T-world’s authentic music is something that will give you inspiration and motivation to go on without giving up.

 T-World is a young independent artist from Gatineau, Canada. This 20-year-old artist is a producer, songwriter, and guitarist, and he was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at the age of 3. Because of this syndrome, he had a hard time interacting with others and started to love poetic when he was about eight years old. Though it was so hard to understand, he read Shakespeare’s poetics as they contain so many hidden meanings inside each verse.

Inspired by Poets like Shakespeare, T-World started to write poems on his own. Later on, he began to turn his poems into songs and release them to the world. T-World is a  talented artist indeed.

World’s passion s music, and he wants to turn it into his career too. And he wants to raise public awareness of Tourette’s Syndrome.

T-World says, “Today, I want to share my story with the world and show that no matter what happens, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, even if you are different. YOU CAN DO IT! As long as you believe in yourself, persevere, and are disciplined and motivated. Every dream can become a reality, and I am here to prove it to all of you.”

Lost in My Mind initially starts with a symphonious tune that works as an infectious hook that will run on your head even after the song finishes. The beats are mellow and rhythmic, and the vocals of T-World are smooth, pleasant, and confident. An excellent piece to freshen you up on a most boring day.

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