Prepare to be enthralled by LOSJR’s groundbreaking masterpiece, “Ova,” featuring the electrifying collaboration with THE BE@T. Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, LOSJR’s innovative music style effortlessly blends the raw intensity of rap with the infectious hooks of hip-pop, creating a sonic experience that defies genre boundaries.

With impeccable production and lyrical prowess, LOSJR’s unique compositions push the boundaries of conventional rap, captivating listeners with infectious beats and thought-provoking verses. “Ova” serves as a testament to LOSJR’s artistic growth and his ability to seamlessly merge diverse musical elements into an unforgettable sound.

Experience the captivating fusion of rap and hip-pop with LOSJR’s “Ova” ft. THE BE@T, now available on YouTube, and witness the rise of a trailblazing artist redefining the future of music.

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