Nevertell, a rising artist from the United States, pours his heart out on this latest release, surfing the beat like a wave and exhibiting a freely flowing voice and fascinating lyrics. “Loser Rep” is a beautiful and impressive new single from an artist that isn’t scared to be himself.

Nevertell’s exquisite vocals in “Loser Rep” distinguish her as an exceptional and unique performer. The lyrics take center stage, depicting all kinds of colors and shapes on his journey through this expansive, fantastic tune.

With that attention-grabbing start, we transform into a see-sawing, hazy delight of a melody that’s been lushly crafted and creates a gorgeous backdrop for Nevertell’s measured vocal via a sweep of white noise and bass. 

“Loser Rep” has a classic vibe to it, hinting at an edgy performance in the opening few seconds but eventually following the path of a straightforward beat and backdrop. Even during the first verse, the minimalist production approach pulls your attention to the vocal and the story-telling. Yet, the song manages to fascinate and please; this becomes further apparent as the piece develops.

While the setup is simple, Nevertell makes the most of it by giving a spirited performance — there’s a natural lightness in the melody, a sense of admiration in the way he handles the tune; he drives the music, never the other way around. 

“Loser Rep” is a terrific song, a pop classic for sure, and it’s performed by a singer with a distinct and expressive set of mannerisms. Hopefully, there will be many more to come.

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