Showcasing a decidedly mellow, often minimalist approach, HamThaProducer utilizes a select few layers and details to build each rhythmically calming audio journey through Longshot.

HamThaProducer is a versatile musician located in Sikeston, Missouri. He is an outstanding  Music Producer,  Mixer, and Graphic Designer in Sikeston who predominantly records Rap, Trap, and Pop.

The two and a half minutes experience that is Longshot offers plenty in the way of progression and later resolves attractively back to the comforting grip of that opening headway. The bass melody, the chord outline, the humble balance between alteration and softness. An easily likable listener.

Producer HamThaProducer makes original beats that innovatively fuse professionalism and passion – offering rappers and artists the perfect setting to build or perform their best work.

Showcasing a pure awareness of what hits firm, applying contrast, and leading with a subtle and crisp finish, there’s a specific style too much of the music. In every instance, the details help present something exclusive and fresh.

The set-up is outstanding, easy to feel. There’s also an exceptional level of recognizability to many of these masterpieces. Not arrogantly so, just enough to give the track that melodic riff or instrumental hook that lets you know precisely where you are when you hear it. That sort of calling card is erratic these days.

As stated, HamThaProducer leads with skill and inspiration intertwined – these beats are anthems waiting to happen. The determination and ability that have gone into each piece are clear from the offset. So you don’t need to fear the instrumentals at all. You can get on with your writing, performance, vocals, and all that you want to add to the experience. Anyone can make a simple beat these days at home, and few can make it in such a knowledgeable and effective, musically satisfying manner. Well worth collaborating with.

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