Charming production and a heartfelt, brooding writing style lead the way with quiet inspection for this new single Long Road from Asheville’s Tezy.

Tezy is a multi-talented upcoming artist from Asheville, North Carolina. He is a famous Asheville artist who primarily sings HipHop and Rap. Artist/Visual Creator Tezy In This Thing for MYGM (MakeYaGameMove) Brand-new Music Back-to-back in 2021.

Following a beautifully melancholy intro, Tezy resurrects 90s nostalgia with lovely synths and delicate layers of detail that efficiently add a world of fantasies to the sound.

Long Road’s setup is immediately offbeat, driving with a retro bassline and a mellow, tripped-up beat that is yet another creative surprise. While inviting a rap vocal from some other distinctive expressive artist, the ambiance keeps evolving in unpredictable ways.

Fast raps meet asci-fi-Esque bassline and just a few extra layers for creative exploration, and the flow toggles gears several times while remaining melodically engaging. The entire presentation is, once again, partly familiar but amazingly unusual and exciting in its own right.

The synth choices and riff melodies that comprise the journey within Long Road have a hint of Owl City to them. Overall, the music has a profoundly calming aura, one that feels more firmly rooted in late-night EDM or trip-hop. Having said that, the music is not in the late-night style that you might expect.

Underneath all the (beautifully-produced) lushness, there’s an electro heartbeat chugging, a complicated push and pull to the tempo that draws the listener in. You should go back and reread Long Road

There are some serpentine, enigmatic lines weaving in and out of a rich, beautifully mixed voice that will take your breath away. The singing doesn’t just emote; they’re also sonically incredible! 

An exciting release, blending genres and picking for a somewhat more reliable performance than most hip hop tracks of late. Tezy never fails to mix things up. Listen to Long Road at high volumes.


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