High-schooler George was prepared to walk to his prom after experiencing an especially difficult school year due to bullies in his class. But when London-based DJ and automobile enthusiast Tomi Adenlé showed up on his doorstep with a jaw-dropping fleet of luxury supercars to give him a stylish lift to prom, his school year wrapped with quite a finale.

Among the impressive convoy taking George to his prom was a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin and multiple Porsches and McLarens. He also got to travel in Adenlé’s personal ride, a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ that’s estimated to cost over $500,000.

“When his friends booked a Limo without telling him we had to show up for the boy! Shout out to George for still heading to his prom even though he had a tough end of year,” Adenlé wrote on social media. “Also, his Dad told him that he would have to walk to prom but he had actually organised a supercar convoy instead! School is tough, especially when bullying is involved. But things do get better.”

George’s entourage ended up completely blocking the road to the prom. His classmates cheered as he made his entrance, marking the end of George’s high school journey on a sweet and wholesome note.

Check out Adenlé’s video below.

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